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Feb 14

Didn't even know that it was Valentines day! Yeah, I was that out of it.

Wed Feb 15 Jim and Judy Burgess came by. So did Dave and Jeanie Ethridge. Linda and Jerry Alsdorf visited also. It was good to see them ALL.

Elsie had her surgery since her report came back positive. All went well for her.

Thurs, Feb 16 TEn am dose of pain meds and 1pm transfer to HealthSouth. Theya re thinking 2-3 weeks in rehab. I'm shooting for less. Lumpy bed and my pain meds couldn't be given at 8 because of the time change. Seems that Hamot gives at 10 but HS gives at 8 thus screwing up my dosage. NOTHING all day long. (Someone forgot to tell me that I have to ASK specifically for pain meds as well as muscle relaxant.) The nurse wasn't the leasst bit concerned about my pain. 1am, the shift nurse changed. my roomie, Pat Wiggers (sweetie pie!) made sure I got something. got something when the shift changed. Didnt' put in ear plugs, so I woke up with every noise. But at least my meds were fixed properly now.

Fri FEb 17 Pat and I asked Doctor Parks, the attending doc at the rehab center, if I could get a better bed. This one was like an army bunk with lumps and springs. He found me an airbed withint two days I ahd it!

Saturday the 18th Odd rooms get shower on odd days. EVen rooms get even days. Today was the first day I could have a shower! It felt like HEAVEN!! Pat and I get along fabulously! Taste buds are being affected by meds. Food tastes aweful! Coffffee wsa terrible. Dave tried my porkchop and tho both Pat and I hated it, he said it was okay. Must be our drugs. Sweet was good, salty was yuck. Not happy about that.

New bed arrived at 11am. whoooowhoooooooooooo! Nap was quite nice!


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